Top 10 Most Iconic Flags

by Amar Gandhi

We’re all very different individuals when it comes to our personality traits, physical appearances, cultures, religions and so much more. Every country is significant in its own way along with holding common facts whether it is the national animal, color or flag! The representation of a flag is important in many ways. In regards to a country's national flag, it is a symbol of the country and its people. It is one of a country’s most essential and valued tokens, as well as a sign of liberty and hegemony. At Globe Flags, we want to share some knowledge on some of the many iconic flags in the world!

The Australian FlagThe Australian Flag features the Union Jack in the top left quarter, the Commonwealth Star right in the bottom left quarter, and the Southern Cross which are the remaining stars. It is a constellation visible from Australia!

The Brazilian FlagThe Brazilian Flag features the national motto, “Ordem e Progresso” which translates to “Order and Progress”. Along with this, the flag is made up of a green rectangle, a yellow rhombus, a blue circle, a white stripe and white stars. It is a representation of the night sky in Rio de Janeiro.

The Canadian FlagThe Canadian Flag which is also known as the l'Unifolié in French features an eleven pointed maple leaf on a white area in the center with two red borders on the left and right sides of it. This has been Canada’s National Flag since 1965.

The China FlagThe China Flag which is also known as the Five-Star Red Flag is red with five golden stars. The red is a representation of the communist revolution and the five golden stars is a representation of unity around the greater good.

The France FlagThe France Flag is an emblem of the Fifth Kingdom as it is a tricolor flag featuring three vertical colors in the order of blue, white, and red. The red and blue represent Paris, the capital city. The white represents the King.

The German FlagThe German Flag features three horizontal stripes of equal sizes in the colors black, red, and gold. The black stripe is first, followed by red in the middle and gold as the lowest stripe. These three colors have been associated with Germany since 1840.

The Indian FlagThe Indian Flag is a horizontal tricolor of saffron at the top, white in the middle and dark green at the bottom. The green is a representation of the Muslims and the saffron represents the Hindus. The white is the representation of peace India has maintained between the two countries. 

The Ukraine FlagThe Ukraine Flag features two equally sized horizontal bands with blue on top of the yellow. This was initially the other way around until 1918. The current representation symbolizes “blue skies over golden wheat fields”

The United Kingdom FlagThe United Kingdom Flag is also known as the Union Jack Flag consisting of the colors red, blue and white. The symbol of the Union Jack has become a precedent all over The United Kingdom.

The United States Of America FlagThe United States of America Flag features fifty white stars on a blue canton in the top left quarter, a ground of thirteen alternating stripes. The fifty white stars symbolize the fifty states of the union and the thirteen stripes stand for the original thirteen colonies, seven in red and six in white.