About Us

Our Mission 

At Globe Flags, our goal is to provide high quality and durable flags for men and women all across the globe! We love to empower you, make you feel comfortable and right at home! So show off your national pride with your own flag!

Here at Globe Flags, we are passionate about giving choices and power back to the people, we love helping you feel at home and carry your sense of national pride with you!! Whether it's your first time shopping with us, or a happily returning client, we will take the time to guide you through choosing the best product for you and helping answer any questions you may have! 

Our Customer

Our vision is to offer the best to our clients in regards to quality and price. Happy clients inspire us to continue our vision of service and help us attain our goals, because of which we are extremely careful with every product we manufacture and make sure they reach the common standards before we ship them to you.

Our Team 

Our team is passionate about providing the best customer service possible, we love helping you choose the perfect flag to show your support, we are always here to help you with any questions or issues you may have! 

Here at  Globe Flags we like to do things a bit differently and give back to our community of people in need! That is why our team is composed of 80%+ women and people ranging from many different and diverse minority backgrounds. We offer fair and competitive compensation, a healthy work environment,  equal accommodations, and more! 

Contact Us

Experiencing an issue? Need help or suggestions and guides? Got unanswered questions?  Not a problem at all! We love hearing from you! At  Globe Flags, we are passionate about providing our customers with quick and reliable solutions and the service you deserve. So if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by email and we’ll be more than happy to get back to you and help in any way possible.

Please Contact:

Email: info@globeflags.com


Address: 3200 North America Drive, Buffalo, New York, 14224