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Caribbean Islands Flag Set Of 25 Country

Caribbean Islands Flag Set Of 25 Country

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The Caribbean Islands Flag Set Of 25 Country comes with the flag of all 25 Caribbean countries even those lesser-known countries are represented in the flag. This flag is made from high-quality, durable materials, and is designed to withstand the elements so that it looks great for years to come. They are perfect for displaying at home, in the office, or at events and celebrations.


  • Product Dimensions- 3"x 5"
  • Material: Polyester

About This Item:

  • UV-Resistant Color Fast Ink Fabric To Protect Vibrancy Of Colors In SunlightBright Crisp Original Artwork
  • Great for hanging inside for home decor or hanging outside
  • Fabric will fly even in the most gentle breezes
  • Double Seam Fabric Lock Technology with 2 rows of stitching on each side for extra durability and strength
  • Premium poly nylon header
  • Package Contains- 25 3x5" Flags
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