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Canadian Flag, Maple Leaf Red Polyester, UV and Wrinkle Resistant Country Flag 90X150cm

Canadian Flag, Maple Leaf Red Polyester, UV and Wrinkle Resistant Country Flag 90X150cm

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Vibrantly colored white and red flag with a beautiful maple leaf design, this piece of art is an absolute beauty when adorned at home or office. The Canadian Flag is simple yet scintillating. Get it from our online flag store and unflur it and wave it during national or international competitions or during parades. 

• HIGH QUALITY - Made with 100% Polyester, the flag is lightweight and durable. It is wrinkle-resistant and quickly dries, so even during harsh cold or rainy days, you won't have to sacrifice for quality. It is stain resistant, retains its original shape, and the flag can be easily cleaned at home by hand.

• COLOR THAT STAYS - Combination of vibrant and variety of hues that make heads turn! At Globe Flags, we strive to use high-quality, environment-friendly, sustainable, and fade-proof dye that can withstand the test of harsh weather conditions.

• CRAFTSMANSHIP AT ITS FINEST - We put our finest minds to ideate, design, and produce the flag. From design to quality, colors to variety, you will never have to compromise. The flag is measured, cut, designed, dyed, and stitched with high-quality threads, with utmost precision, before it ships to you!

         Material: Polyester
         Size: 60x90 cm / 90X150 cm
         Weight: 80g / pcs

• FULFILLS ALL PURPOSES - The flag is perfect for indoor and outdoor usage. Stand out of the crowd and take it to sports competitions, or parades, or gift it to your loved ones. Attract like-minded people when you simply wave the flag at your home to highlight your personality, preferences, interests, and what you take pride in!

• TAKE PRIDE WHEN YOU SHOP WITH US - Globe Flags is passionate about giving choices and power back to the people. With every product we manufacture we make sure that they fulfill the required standards before we ship them to you. We like to do things a bit differently and give back to our community. That is why our team is composed of 80%+ women and people ranging from diverse minority backgrounds. We offer fair and competitive compensation, a healthy work environment, equal accommodations, and more!

    Interesting Fact: Canadian Flag features a vertical triband of red and white where the white area in the center, is of double width. The red maple leaf is placed on the centered white area and its width is twice the height. The maple leaf, since the 18th century, has been a Canadian emblem and was later on also added to the Canadian coat of arms. 

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